Beautiful Contax IIIa - Fresh CLA - Working Meter - New Lower Price

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    Jan 3, 2008
    This is one of the nicest Contax IIIa's I've seen for a while. I just had a full CLA done on the camera and everything is in great shape. I even had the Zeiss bumps attended to (there is still some indication of where they were, but they've been nearly eliminated). There are a few tiny pits on there chrome here or there, but this camera is overall in quite good shape cosmetically (study the photos please!). The meter works great and agrees exactly with the Sunny-16 rule! A good working meter on a IIIa is a rarity.

    I am including a take-up spool and the original Contax IIIa manual with the sale. The manual is well-used, but still quite usable and makes a great read. The original CLA receipt is also included.

    Price: $250 plus insured shipping. Payment with money order, personal check or cash ONLY (no exceptions)

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