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    The PHSNE Auction that was postponed is a definite go for this Sunday. In case you missed it:

    The Annual PHSNE Members (and Guests) Photographica Auction
    Sunday, February 17
    Americal Hall, Wakefield, MA

    The dollar table opens at 11 and the auction starts at 1:30​

    I've gotten some pretty amazing gear off that dollar table, and I helped pack the boxes for this one. It's worth the trip all by itself. The auction list, as of last week, is here. There will be much more for sale, however, as the members come in with gear on the day of the auction. The gear tends to go for a fraction of it's street value.

    Free parking is available in a lot next to the hall and commuter rail connections are a short walk away. Bad coffee and other goodies will be free as well. Dunkin Donuts is between the commuter Rail and the hall– I tend to stop there on my way in. This year the dollar table pile-of-goodies is so large that we had to move it to a downstairs room, which will be closed just before the auction starts, so get there early for the best bargains.