Attention all you crazy 11x14,7x17, 8x20 and 12x20 users

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  1. Death Valley Phil

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    Apr 26, 2005
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    I'm passing this on in hopes that we can get Kodak to make us some Tri-X. If you are interested in getting in on a large order, please contact John Richardson at Here are the prices I was quoted, it ain't cheap!

    11x14 10 sheet $89.99 149 boxes

    8x20 10 sheet $93.99 143 boxes

    12x20 25 sheet $348.00 18 boxes

    7x17 10 sheet $74.99 89 boxes

    For now, we would like to get an idea how many boxes

    you would purchase. Please reply to this e-mail or

    call me at 323-660-3460x152 to let me know. When we

    know there is sufficient interest to meet the Kodak

    minimums, we will proceed to take orders with payment

    in full. Delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks

    after Freestyle places the order.

    Thanks for your inquiry,

    John Richardson
  2. Jorge

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    Sep 6, 2002
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    Last I heard Kodak wanted $350 for 25 sheets of tri X 12x20.....sorry I am not buying... :smile:
  3. Dave Wooten

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    Nov 1, 2004
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    I can appreciate your persistence in this matter and and quite a few months ago I expressed an interest when a similar offer was made.

    However, I have been using J and C film for my 7 x 17 and 14 x 17 and now also the 8 x 10, and I have been more that satisfied with the product, the price, the service and the results.

    I recently paid around $1.80 per sheet for the 7 x 17 with no box minimum requirements, quite a bit below the nearly 8.00 per sheet kodak is wanting.

    I have decided to stick it out with the J and C folks for the long haul and have chosen the film available from them for my major projects...I am also sending hopeful prayers Michael and Paula's way in their endeavor for an Azo substitute.

    All the best to All,

    Dave in Vegas
  4. scootermm

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Austin, TX
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    Im gonna have to agree with jorge.
    too rich for my blood when people like JandC (and hopefully freestyle as well) are around. JandC 200 is roughly $50 for 25 sheets in 7x17 and even the "nice" film I love so... Efke 100 is $85 for 25 sheets of 7x17.

    plus theyve been so helpful that I enjoy giving them the business.