Ascorbic Acid and Orange Mask

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    Some of you may remember a thread I posted on Xtol bleaching out the orange mask in C41 films when used as a first developer to reverse the negative.

    Where as Rodinal did not, and left the orange mask intact..

    So I just had an idea to do a little test, I took one of the Rodinal colour positives made from Pro 400H, and dunked it in a solution of ascorbic acid (not sodium ascorbate) and sodium hydroxide of decent developing power.

    The mask instantly changed colour, it went green.

    Going to leave it sitting in there a while to see what happens.

    edit: its been in for a a couple of minutes and its now yellow.

    edit2: dunked some reala in there that originally used the xtol process already, which i had shown an example of here as well - not much happened to it, i guess because the orange mask has already been affected with xtol.

    dunked some E6 sensia in there that was lab processed... the clear base turned yellow, and I only had it in for a few seconds and the layers with the dye in it started rubbing off when i was touching it.

    notihng happened to the b&w that i also tried.

    oops my mistake - came back and its dissolving the silver off the film (already developed and fixed negative) i can see trails spiralling off the film - might be able to use it as a blix replacement if careful and possibly with hardener? hmm.
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    Did you only test on the mask dyes, or also on the image dyes?

    I mean, your original post was on bleaching the mask without affecting the image.