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Discussion in 'Pinhole Photography' started by ldh, Feb 17, 2004.

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    Feb 16, 2004
    Prague, Czec
    Greetings fellow pinholers...

    I've gradually moved into doing primarily Pinhole photography for most of my personal work and am using an older Linhof Technika III, and Polaroid 545i back, as my light-gatherer of choice. I'm trying to stick with Type 55PN for my work since I've used it extensivley with previous lensed work and really love this film. Type 55 Reciprocity is challenging with some of the longer exposure times, but becoming much less difficult with experience...and well worth it! Following a recommendation by a colleague...I'm printing most of my work on Forte Polywarmtone (300gsm) Museum Weight...lovely paper!!

    I have been completely consumed by lenless photography...and think theres no going back.

    Look forward to interacting on this site...with other wackos like me.