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    Mar 23, 2009
    Hello Everyone! Project Basho is pleased to announce our upcoming Workshops for July, 2009!

    We've planned a line up of workshops that will inspire and stimulate you to create new and exciting work. In these workshops, students will be able to expand their technical skills as well refine artistic vision. Here's what we have to offer:

    Photographs and Text
    by H. Eugene Foster: One Weekend, July 11 & 12
    Everyone knows what photographs are and how they function. We know that most photographs do not require an accompanying text to convey an idea. There are, however, those few photographs whose intention is to convey a succinct idea or notion, and the only way of achieving this is to add text that will not detract from the photograph. During this workshop, students will explore the idea of text as picture, and the many ways in which text can be made to function as an integral and harmonious part of the whole.

    Making Large Negatives with Large Cameras
    by Tsuyoshi Ito: One Weekend, July 11 & 12
    In this hands-on two day workshop, students will work with large and ultra-large format cameras, (4x5, 5x7, 8x10, and 7x17), to experience the making of large negatives and learn the advantages of different formats. Working with such large cameras is quite a different experience for a photographer, and there are both technical and aesthetic implications to it. This workshop provides a comfortable atmosphere to learn how to use these Cameras.

    Gum Bichromate by Scott McMahon: One Weekend, July 18 & 19
    This workshop will allow students to discover the beauty and painterly quality of the gum bichromate process within both a historic and contemporary context. You will discover the amazing range of colors you can work with, and be amazed at the wide variety of possible results.

    The Narrative in Photography
    by Vinvent Cianni: One Weekend and One Saturday, July 25, 26 & Aug 1
    In this workshop, students will contemplate the narrative impact of photographs and their ability to tell a story either as a single image, or as a series. Students will work on projects to construct visual narratives with photographs and web-based imagery. Each student will be guided through developing the narrative and the appropriate tools to achieve the “story", and discover the power of imagery to create a story.

    If you have any questions about our classes and workshops or other programs, feel free to contact us.