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    Anyone living up north might like to get over to Bradford for this year's BIFF (Bradford International Film Festival) where you can catch screenings of four very interesting looking documentary films on film using photographers, as well as enjoying Anders Petersen and JH Engstrom in conversation at a talk that accompanies their current exhibition at the Media Museum.

    The films are:

    'Disfarmer' on US vernacular portraitist Mike Myers (Disfarmer) of the 1920-40s (52 mins) and 'An American Journey' (58 mins), which recreates Robert Frank's trip made while taking his pictures for the The Americans in 1958. These show as a double bill on both the 17th and 21st March.

    On 22nd March is 'Traces of a Diary' (90 mins) a film which examines Japanese shooters including Moriyama, Araki and Nakahira, the same day as the Petersen/Engstrom talk, which is also accompanied by a short film Petersen (26 mins).

    see: for the programme.