amybody tried out 2 color dye toning?

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    Once I got a look at some early two color Technicolor stuff( the party scene from Lon Chaney's Phantom of the opera), I wanted to take a swing at it. I made a pair of red/green filtered images on FP-4, then used Walls copper/potassium iodide/ammonia bleach , as the one with potassium citrate melted the image off. Soaked the films in complementary dyes( red filtered went into Malachite green,and the green image into Rhodamine 6G)for 20 min Then a soak in sodium acetate/tannin/hypo 5 min to clear the whites and done. I found that you could redye the image and rinse for more color,but you could only use the tannin bath once as it damaged the the film second time around.

    These the pictures I got-- anyone have comments or suggestions?


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