Alternate darkroom chemistries

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    I got up early this morning to develop of roll of TRI-X that has been sitting around for a week and after pondering what recipe I would use, I decided to stand develop it in pyrocat. (I still don't know what the HD stands for) This lets me do other things (like APUG) while it is developing and I considered that the "developer" does perform better in the morning if you add 8 cups of hot coffee. This got me thinking - there are many things that people do to enrichen their personal chemistry to get the creative juices going when they get the opportunity to create. Another of my favorites is music - after all, photography is about 80% drudgery surrounded by 20% concentrated creativity with an occasional burst of ecstacy. Like the .1g of developing agent that makes the magic happen in your special soup, there are things we do that both propels, supports and entices us while we do what we do.

    I know that I am compelled to frequently review my portfolio so I can see where I am at and where I am going and make choices on future projects. I also enjoy reviewing other peoples work in that it helps me consider how I can improve my work by perspective or technique.