Aero Ektar diferent serial number betwen front and rear element.

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    Nov 25, 2009
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    Hello there.
    I recently got an great kodak aero ektar 7" F2,5.
    The focusing wide open is a bit hard, but it is logical in that kind of aperture.
    The problem is that when it is wide open, even focusing in infinity is a little blury, i dont know if this happend in all aero ektars or just in mine. :confused:
    Then, looking quite hard, i found that te rear element has a diferent serial number to the front element. (I can`t remember right now, but one is EE ans the other EM (1944-1943)
    So, set the ektar to infinity, and put it wide open, can i find a good sharpen image? Or it is normal that i find a bit blurry image on my ground glass?
    Regards. And sorry my english.:smile: