2x Polaroid 600SE kits

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    The Polaroid 600SE is the professional Polaroid camera. Interchangeable lenses, interchangeable backs, solid construction (Made by Mamiya, of RB67/RZ67 fame) and good old fashioned usability.
    You can read a brilliant review of this camera here. Enough to make me regret selling the things...

    Polaroid 600SE Kit #1: (on the right in the photos)
    600SE Body. Rangefinder is aligned properly, cable release in handle is in good condition. Slight ding to top of body, doesn't effect usability at all, see photos.
    127/4.7 lens, everything as you'd expect, takes lovely photos. Good condition, doesn't have a lens cap.
    Polaroid Back with development timer - the battery cap for the timer disappeared long before I got the camera. Improvise, find a replacement, or ignore it. Light tight and working a treat. The back does not come with a darkslide.
    +Aftermarket lens hood
    +Aftermarket strap, quite nice though
    +Generic 55mm skylight filter on lens

    Polaroid 600SE Kit #2: (on the left in the photos)
    600SE Body. Rangefinder is out of alignment, cable release in handle broke long ago and was simply cut off. This means the trigger in the handle doesnt fire the shutter, obviously. These cable releases seem to break more than you'd like to think - the replacement cable release units to go inside the handles show up on ebay now and then. There's one on there right now.
    127/4.7 lens, shutter is sticky and the aperture doesn't click at the stops, for some reason. Had a filter ring dent that was poorly repaired by a guy and some pliers, by the look of it. Looks okay, but you cant screw in filters.
    Polaroid Back in very good condition, light tight and working as you'd expect. The back does not come with a darkslide.

    I've exposed plenty of film in Kit #1 and had a great time, but frankly I have too many Polaroid cameras.
    As you can see, Kit #2 is the beater. Some time with a competent repairman, get your rangefinder aligned, shutter fixed, aperture click stops restored, and a new cable-release unit and you've got a perfectly usable darling.
    Both are compatible with the readily available Fuji peel apart film such as FP-100c.

    $550AUD plus exact shipping to wherever you are in the world. This is for both kits in one box. This is around 5kg (11lbs) of equipment and shipping will be from South Australia. Mailing 5kg of anything is gonna be expensive, so contact me for an exact quote.
    As an example, to mail this to the US will be $94.80AUD, and to the UK it would be $122.80AUD. Of course, postage within Australia will be much more reasonable.
    Keep in mind this is Australian dollars. I take PayPal, and I'll absorb the silly fees.

    One of these cameras on it's own will sell for more than this on eBay, even including the postage. Repair the second one and sell it on, keep it as a second body with a longer lens, or just as a backup parts camera, but any way you look at it you're getting a good deal. Any questions, just ask. Sorry for the camera phone photos...

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