2011 Saxton Luminaries Canton Ohio

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    I posted a similar thread about 6 months ago for a show I was having in Venice, CA. Seemed to reach a lot of people who wanted to go to the exhibit. Thanks for all the wonderful comments I received. I've been a fan and follower of APUG for years. I've found the wealth of information archived here to be very helpful in many questions I've had. I am a Large Format Photographer working with 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14 cameras printing in traditional silver methods. Most of my work can be seen at www.tedyeager.com and I've recently had the fortunate opportunity to have some work shown at the Joseph Saxton Gallery in Canton Ohio, www.josephsaxton.com. I have been selected to be part of the the showcase for the 2011 Saxton Luminaries. If you're in the Canton Ohio, or Northeast Ohio area and like Traditional Black and White prints please check out the show. It's going on the entire month of August to September 2nd with an awards banquet September 9th. It really is a wonderful gallery with a great selection of photographic works. If nothing else it's worth seeing their collection ranging from Bernice Abbott, Margaret Bourke-White, Brassai, Keith Carter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, William Eggleston, Annie Lebovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe, Beth Moon, Beaumont Newhall, Aaron Siskind, Alfred Stieglitz, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, Art Wolfe, and many many others. I encourage all to see their collection it is quite impressive. Enjoy!

    Ted Yeager