100mm APO Symmar

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    100mm APO Symmar lens for sale. Nice small lens for 6x9. This one is mounted in a Compur instead of the more standard Copal shutter- it has click stops in 1/2 stop intervals. Includes a Schneider front cap and some sort of cap for the back (it works). Also has a jam nut. Shutter sounds OK but definitely different sounding than a Copal. Lens glass is very good, has a very small mark on the rear element near the edge. The only way I can see it is looking through the lens with a bright light shining through it. Otherwise no other issues. $300

    I've not sold on APUG but I have sold in the past on ebay under the same user name. I also sell custom cameras under Abelson Scope Works- I'm easy to find.

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