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Might be the oldest question of all - HFT or not?

  1. Slixtiesix
    Group Owner
    Hi friends,

    what is your opinion on the HFT lenses vs the older ones? Which do you use and why? I have 3 lenses so far: 120/5,6 S-Planar (non-HFT), Planar 80/2,8 (HFT) and Sonnar 250/5,6 (HFT). I made the experience that, though I like it best of the bunch, the S-Planar flared terribly when I shot it against sunlight (but I have to admit that I hadn´t used a shade then), whereas I barely saw a difference, if at all, when I compared color-slides I had shot with both the HFT-Planar and the S-Planar at sunset time, with the sun beeing already beneath the horizon. I will do a more "scientific" comparison for myself when I got the time and the sun is more intense, but however, what are your experiences?

    Best regards and a happy new year,
    Slixtiesix Jan 6, 2010
  2. robertjonesphoto
    You know, that's an excellent question, one I had not considered. My experience has been equal, through hundreds of rolls of film. However, that's because when using either lens, I always use a lens hood when approaching anything near indirect sunlight around the edges, and when shooting towards the sun (usually low on the horizon) I usually stack a red and an orange filter shooting b/w, so that mitigates it anyhow. That's my 2p.
    robertjonesphoto Jan 30, 2010
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