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Elan 7NE

  1. Sambarino
    I bought an Elan 7NE so I would have a film camera that can use all my EF lenses. Does this group inlude Elan 7NE shooters? It does not say EOS anywhere on it, but it is Canon and 35mm.
    Tom S.
    Sambarino Jan 1, 2012
  2. Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Sambarino;

    Well, I have an earlier version, the original Canon EOS Elan that I use with my EOS lenses (except the EF-S lenses). Welcome to the group.

    Enjoy, and Happy New Year;

    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
    Ralph Javins Jan 1, 2012
  3. jakeblues
    Elan 7 shooter here!

    Yes, it's an EOS camera (called elsewhere the EOS 30/33).
    jakeblues Jun 29, 2012