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7266 reversal experiments book

  1. studiocarter
    studiocarter Sep 11, 2018
    Amazing. Thank-you! I have not done any reversal processing – due to poor results – for some time. So, this will be interesting for me. Sep 22, 2018
  3. peoplemerge
    2 years ago, I did some film tests with a set of common b/w development chemicals to 7266 Tri-X and especially Double-X. I never studied the curves because I didn't yet have my densitometer, but have wanted to do a deeper study.

    I'm excited to read your results!
    peoplemerge Sep 26, 2018
  4. studiocarter
    I don't have a densitometer either and do fine without one
    Thanks for the replies. I hope you folks try some.
    studiocarter Dec 1, 2018
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