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500 and 1000 shutter speeds mia

  1. Rollei1972
    Hello all;
    Good to have this group available. The existing posts are all informative and appreciated.
    I recently developed a roll of garden frames and was surprised to see no images! Never happened before and I have used this since 1972. A sunny day with 400 b&w, all at 500.
    I removed the back and checked the curtain. Good light all the way up to 500, then none!
    Harry Fleenor says send it over. I'm sure he can take care of it. In the meantime I'm shooting 125 film at speeds below 1/500. I recall an Aussie post that resolved the matter in the same way. Reason for posting here is to say hello and ask if any similar encounters by any one of this select group.
    Best to all, Bill in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

    btw I read Bruce Robbins from time to time and I see that he found this group a while back. He writes well.
    Rollei1972 Jul 28, 2014
  2. jos58
    Hello Bill, greetings from Holland.
    I am a newbie to the sl66, camera is working fine upto now!
    Hope your problem will be solved soon, although inconvenient for you, this information and how to solve it may help me and others in the future.
    So keep us posted.

    jos58 Jul 29, 2014
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