Welcome to the PHOTRIO Ads Manager!

Our Ads Manager allows you to create and manage your own Ads on PHOTRIO. We currently offer a variety of banner ads serving in our analog areas.

To create an Ad, click here and choose a package.

More Details:

PHOTRIO has been growing at a steady pace since first launched back in 2002 as APUG.ORG. As of 2017 we are having peaks of 20,000+ unique visitors to the site daily. We have also been registering anywhere from 10 to 50 new members a day. PHOTRIO's extensive forum discussions (over 2 million posts) are indexed on internet search engines and draw thousands of photographers to the site on a daily basis. PHOTRIO has been featured in several photography publications and is well known in the traditional based market as a professional and friendly community. Many of our advertisers have been with us for over 13 years which is a good indication of their satisfaction.

Will my ad be blocked by adblock?

No, our ads are not susceptible to ad block, which means you can be confident they will be viewed by all PHOTRIO users. Many internet users now use ad blocking software/plugins on their web browser. Some do not even know it is running. Our ads are private and hosted within the PHOTRIO domain, therefore they do not trigger ad blocking mechanisms.

Can I purchase more than one ad?

You may purchase multiple ad spaces if you wish. Another option is to purchase one ad space and upload multiple ad banners for that space. For example purchase one banner ad yet upload multiple ad banners to that one space, also purchase a mid-thread ad and do the same. Your multiple ad graphics will then be evenly served within your purchased spaces. Keep in mind using one ad space with multiple banners does not increase the amount of ads served for that space. You are welcome to buy additional full spaces if you wish.

Can you explain your pricing?

Each banner ad on PHOTRIO ($25 per month) is typically displayed 1,000 times per day or more. Mid-thread ads ($15 per month) occupy 2 spots within the site mid-threads so they obtain a fair amount of views per day. The rates commonly used for ad impressions is called a CPM, which stands for cost per thousand (ad views). Common CPMs are typically from $10 to $30 for 1,000 views, and sometimes up to $70 for 1,000 views if highly targeted. If PHOTRIO went even lower than industry rates and sold, say $5 per 1,000 banner ad views that would equate to $150 per month. Instead we provide a low flat rate of $25 (banner) or $15 (mid-thread) per month. We also provide a great deal of extras for our advertisers as described above in the package details. This allows for more exposure than just the ads themselves. We have tried to find a good balance of affordable ad solutions that benefit the advertiser and the website.

Can I pay by the month or subscribe?

We offer monthly recurring subscription payments via paypal, they can be cancelled if needed. For other payment methods please contact us.

Advertiser Forum Participation Policy:

Our policy requires that sponsors, their employees and their affiliates are to stay out of discussion regarding other sponsors threads or other sponsors products. This, for example prevents sponsor A from posting something such as "We have a new camera bag out that is far superior to sponsor B's bags", or maybe the guy who designed a bag for sponsor A, posting claims that sponsor B and C have poorly made bags, etc. When this sort of thing is allowed, it can only end in forum wars between sponsors. Is this censorship? To some degree yes, the sponsors are being asked to stay in their respective corners.

For further questions feel free to contact me directly:

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